Shuttle/Transportation Options and Pricing


Roanoke Mountain Adventures offers shuttle services connecting you with many of our outdoor recreation activities.

We offer shuttle services and rentals for self guided options. The shuttle options and pricing below are for customers who will be renting equipment as part of your self guided trip.

There are also plenty of options without a shuttle. From our shop it’s a short ride up to Mill Mountain Park with 10 miles of single track trails. If road cycling, you can head down the greenway and up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of Americas top cycling roads or hit the Roanoke River Greenway – 9 miles of paved trail, off limits to motorized traffic. It adjoins our shop following the Roanoke River through picturesque parks and neighborhoods.

If you’d like to get further out we offer round trip shuttles to Carvins Cove and Explore Park. Carvins Cove has become one of the most popular mountain biking destinations in the east with over 40 miles of trails including single track and fire roads.

Our kayak shuttles will take you and your gear upstream to a put-in on the Roanoke River. From there you will paddle downstream and end at our shop. See “Guidelines for Kayak Shuttles” below.


Shuttle Prices


Offered for self guided trips and available only when renting equipment as part of a package for those that want to get out on their own. See Rental Page also for our rental rates. RMA does not provide stand alone “For Hire Transportation”.

RMA to Carvins Cove / Explore Park (Round Trip)

$70 Flat Rate

(2-10 people, 2 person minimum)


RMA to Roanoke River Put In

$48 (Fri-Sunday) Flat Rate

$35 (Mon-Thurs.) Flat Rate

(2-8 people, 2 person minimum)

Call to reserve your shuttle     540-525-8295

Kayak Shuttles Information 

  • This is not a guided trip and participants are responsible for themselves and the safety of their group on the water. Designate a group leader.
  • Participants should be able to swim.
  • The minimum age we can shuttle and put on the river is 8.
  • Personal Flotation Devices should be worn at all times on the river. Anyone under 16 must wear PFD at all times per State Law.
  • Previous kayaking or canoeing experience is recommended.
  • Avoid any dangerous obstacles. Portage around if needed. Never try to paddle through or over a downed tree or debris in the river.
  • Make note of landmarks and reference points and remain aware of groups location at all times in case of emergency.
  • Road access to the river is very limited in certain areas.
  • Water shoes or tennis shoes are a must to protect your feet on the river. Flip-flops are not recommended and bare feet are not allowed.
  • Participants should take a cell phone in case of emergency and for contact if help is required. We provide dry bags as well as 1 dry box for groups to keep their phone in.
  • Bring adequate food and water.
  • We recommend wearing synthetic clothing. It dries quickly whereas cotton gets wet and stays wet. Dress accordingly to the season and weather forecast. Extra layers for the dry bag are a good idea in Spring and Fall.
  • We recommend bringing sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
  • No littering, pack it in, pack it out!
  • Paddling and alcohol do not mix.
  • We recommend not floating when combined water and air temperature is less than 110 degrees or water temp is less than 50 degrees.
  • Know what your take-out point looks like. Make note of landmarks that you will recognize.
  • GPS/Maps on your phone is often the best way to determine your location.
  • Participants are responsible for any lost or damaged RMA gear.
  • If emergency call 911 and RMA– 540-525-8295.
  • If Lost or other help is needed, call RMA – 540-525-8295

Bike Shuttle Information

  • Participants should return to the trailhead within a 15 minute window of prearranged time.
  • If timing changes or something happens call your shuttle driver!
  • Participants are responsible for themselves and safety of their group on the trail, this is not a guided trip.
  • Pack adequate food and water.
  • No littering, pack it in pack it out!


Call or email to inquire about special shuttle/transportation options for your group.